Everything is DONE for you! 
Providing options to fit any business with small or large budgets.  
Our services and products can be offered individually or in any combination.  We make this completely customizable to fit your needs.  Everything can be DONE for you!  Or Add that element that will improve what you're already doing or simply save you the time and effort and allow you to do what you do best. 
Our Services
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Utilize Our Services to Establish and Grow Your Online Business.
Our design team builds stunning websites and landing pages. Each can be optimized for SEO and lead capture. Ensuring high lead traffic and conversion for desktop and mobile.

We will help you communicate your perfect message with eye catching animation. Meticulously put together by team of experts

We create and customize Fully Automated chat now services that can both engage your clients and convert leads into sales. This is a "Must Have" easily having the best ROI results in online marketing.

Our team of developers specialize in SEO techniques that produce results. Combined with our Advertising team that works only on PPC strategies that maximize ROIs. Both methods can be equally successful but not always are they both necessary. Let our team work with you on the strategy and the implementation.

We are specialized in providing premium Virtual Assistant services. Our team carefully match the requirements to available VA skills set. The hiring process is done religiously --from interviewing, training, up to managing their tasks. We do it all to avoid the downsides and issues of hiring a VA service provider. 


Our group of experts will create marketing and social media campaigns and strategies, including content ideation and managing online interactions. We will expand your company’s social media presence and look for new opportunities to grow your audience or followers.


We measure, collect, and analyze your website performance in order to remove the guesswork from online marketing. The Data report will let you know what’s effective, what’s working, and most importantly what’s not working. This can help you to gauge traffic and popularity trends as we infuse the performance result with your strategies. 


We Do It ALL For You - Setup and Management. Ongoing Analysis, Service and Support.  We handle the Marketing for you so you can concentrate on what you do best. We can help you with almost every part of selling your own home. From Online listing and Advertising to communicating with potential buyers and third parties. 

We provide a purpose-fit payment solution for every business. The payment terms are set up with several options that are tailored to your budget in order to meet your specific needs. 

Increase Your ROI
Consultative Analysis and Blueprint Design 
- A dedicated Marketing Team of Experts will analyze your business and strategize a game plan to execute the perfect campaign that will fit within your budget and achieve your goals.  The blueprint can then be 
self-implemented, or everything can be done for you.
Content Marketing 
-The value of content marketing is too good to ignore. Content is king, or queen, for all businesses and the right content can create interest, increase conversion and even improve SEO, helping your business be found online.  Be Careful - the wrong content can do much worse than just waste your time and money.  It can cost you customers as well. We craft professionally written content for Websites, Ads, and Direct Marketing that not only drive traffic but also convert to real sales $.

Our design team builds stunning websites and landing pages. Each can be optimized for SEO and lead capture. Ensuring high lead traffic and conversion for desktop and mobile.
We create and customize an automated chat now service that can both engage your clients and convert leads into sales. Our uniquely built sequences will develop rapport and answer all the simple questions while gathering up customer information. This is way more than a time saver.
What good is written content if nobody reads it? You need to CAPTURE attention! Our experienced team of experts can solve all of your Visual Art needs. Including all types of video/photo-creation, as well as the automation of social media and Ad placement.
Known as the #1 most common way businesses waste money. There are simply millions of different advertising options and tons of competing advertisers driving up prices. It can seem almost impossible to navigate the new online advertising systems which only complicates things further. BUT WAIT!! Don't be scared off just yet. Our team has proven strategies and techniques that will capture the attention of your target market and convert!
Do you have great content? AWESOME! Let us help you find your target audience. There are multiple aspects to online marketing and content is only one of them. Don't let your content go to waste..
Okay you have the Content and its creating the Traffic but now its time to focus on the Conversion. Automated processes, cross sells, up-sells and other techniques are the real drivers of Sales. All the time and money can create the best marketing platform but a lack of Conversion tools can put it all to waste. That where are team steps in and brings it home.  
Social media platforms are the perfect free marketing tool to promote your business because you can get more bang for your theoretical buck. If you’re not already on social media as part of your marketing plan, you need to be!  However, is free always free? Time is money right?  Countless small business make the mistake of spending countless hours wasted on Social Media content and postings that lack real direction and include very little to no strategy.  


The Art of the Automated directed and redirected landing pages. Peaking interest and capturing information. This is where thousands are lost or millions are made.
Landing Page 
Thank You Page 
Cross sell Page 
Sales Funnel

Social Media Management

Our team provides social media management that create interest that convert to real sales. From engaging your online community to developing and growing it. We can help with all your social media needs.

Web & Landing page Development

Our design team builds stunning websites and landing pages. Each can be optimized for SEO and lead capture. with simple attractive and effect designs we optimize conversions. Resulting in much better ROIs.

Email Marketing System

Smart email marketing not only drives revenue but can greatly enhance the client experience while increasing sales conversions and cross sale opportunities. All real sales and marketing systems include a solid email marketing foundation.
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Great Job, will work with them again.. RCB

True to their word. Love the outcome, worth every penny I spent. Thank you, VMS!


“VMS is a valued strategic partner of ours. We've seen exponential growth come directly from their marketing and advertising efforts. With very fair pricing and a solid corporate structure, we would highly recommend VMS to all our clients and partners.”

"Just Amazing!" - Bob Anderson, RAAD TV

Within the first month my online marketing took a 180 for the better!
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