VMS Social Responsibility
There are millions of indigenous people who are under unfortunate circumstances and need better living conditions across the world due to lack of education. Children have hopes and aspirations in life but are unable to sustain their school needs like uniforms, bags, shoes, books, notes and pens due to persistent poverty. In fact, most of them even work as early as 7 years old to help their families.

“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge In adversity” -- Aristotle

With education, they can have a chance to a better future and improve their lives. All they need is unconditional love and support that will help them make their dreams come true by providing their basic school needs.
At VMS, we recognize the importance of giving back to people. For every project, we donate a portion of our sales to an indigent student. By choosing us to be your marketing partner, you’ll be able to reach out and pay it forward.
As a Digital Marketing company, we are also socially responsible in providing positive and moral valued content to give never ending hope and motivation to people. Many are experiencing depression and cyber bullying nowadays, we commit ourselves to create content that inspires resilience and optimism. 
Streamline Process:
How We Give:
For every marketing service you buy, VMS will donate a portion  of the profit to a child in need.
Our mission is to make a living on what we do, and make a life change on what we give.
What we Give:
  • Education
  •  Feeding Program
  •  Clothing
  •  Shoes
  •  Books
  •  Bag of Hope
Make it Happen:
Let’s walk together by changing a child’s life.
1. BUY - You buy any of our wide range of marketing options.
2. DONATE – Donations will be given to our partner organization to help child in need.
3. CREATE – Creating our work with a heart to promote positivity and goodness.
4. LIVE – Changing child’s life is our main mission. To give them a better life and strive to eliminate poverty.

“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge In adversity” -- Aristotle
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